Dustin McQuay
Director of Technology

1. Hometown

Park City, Utah

2. Do you have any kids/pets?

I have 2 girls ages 3 and 5.  Both are princesses of their own volition.

3. Why do you like working for Steal Network?

Almost every employee at Steals is also a typical Steals customer.  They understand our customers not only because they listen, but because they are customers too.  It feels like we are in this together with our customers, working hard to provide an awesome experience for them and for us.  Our customers want us to succeed and that makes a huge difference.

4. What's your best parenting tip?

If you are not enjoying being a parent, you are probably doing it wrong.  Have fun with your kids!

5. How did you meet your spouse?

High School Homecoming dance.  Classic.

6. What is your favorite vacation spot and why?

The top of a mountain because it is hard to get there and that difficulty usually provides solace and accomplishment.  And of course, the view tends to be divine.