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Social Media Internship

Facebook… Twitter... Foursquare... Instagram... Blogs. Do you have goosebumps? If yes: read on, my friend! At Steal Network, you are given the opportunity to have an internship that will take you from ho-hum social media user to intern extraordinaire! We are looking for fun, talented, and dedicated people to assist our social media team in creating online entertainment. Want to make coffee and file paperwork… well, then go get an internship somewhere else. This internship will have your mind racing, creativity flowing, fingers typing, and feet a-tappin’ (well, that’s probably because of the music).

Some Responsibilities:

  • Work with the social media team to update content on Steal Network’s various social media platforms.
  • Find Twitter accounts to follow and enhance our Twitter media strategies.
  • Engage fans on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks while helping moderate our pages.
  • Track social insights, stats, and fan growth.
  • Research other relevant pages on social platforms.
  • Research blogs to create partnerships with other organizations and people.
  • Brainstorm potential blog posts, social networking opportunities, and create content.
  • Help with videos, photos, and other content creation to generate entertainment.
  • Perform additional duties as may be requested. They’ll blow your mind and you’ll love ‘em!


  • Must be positive, hard-working, fun, and a team player.
  • Students in a program of marketing, communication, business, or other related program with an interest in marketing and social media. Degree not required.
  • Strong interpersonal communication, writing, editing, research, and organizational skills.
  • Effective time management of multiple tasks to meet deadlines, while being attentive to detail.
  • Computer proficient in Microsoft office, databases, email, internet applications, and internet research.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Ability to sit at a workstation and view a computer screen for up to 2 hours at a time.

Benefits and Work Hours

  • While this is an unpaid internship, we guarantee that you’ll do more than make coffee! You will have an amazing opportunity with a fast-paced and quickly growing e-commerce company that will blow your mind. A great experience. A life-long mentorship. A potential career opportunity. The opportunities are endless.
  • Work hours are flexible to meet the needs of the intern. Looking for anywhere between 10-20 hours a week. You name the hours between 9 and 5 Monday through Friday. Bonus points if you know the song "9 to 5."

To Apply:

  • Send resume and cover letter with the subject line "Social Media Intern" to [email protected]. But, do your research first! You better become fans of all of our pages and have an interest in our community.

About Us:

Steal Network is a fast-paced and quickly growing e-commerce company with a collection of deal of the day websites focused on providing top quality brands and products to women through, and We pride ourselves in providing fanatical service, value and entertainment through our Steals and lightning-fast fulfillment. We work hard and take pride in building community around our websites.

Utah residency required for employment.