Case Studies

We love our brands. After being featured, the love us too.


The Difference Between and the Other Guys

In the words of Patt Kelly, Director of Sales and Marketing

Working with is a very different experience than working with any other daily deal site. With daily deal sites, the experience is down and dirty, the photography isn’t great and the photos are little — you hope and pray you sell out. With, the feature is treated almost as we would treat our own brand on our site. When it happens as quickly as it does on, it doesn’t disrupt regular business. more...


Keeping Retailers Happy

In the words of Angela Pennette, Director of US Sales

The reason I love working with is because it’s a one-day sale! We take really good care of our boutique and specialty stores. We have 900 accounts and we usually only hear from one or two on the day we sell on It is not a huge problem for our retailers when we go on Keeping my accounts happy — wow! more...

Power Capes

The Difference

In the words of Justin Draplin, Owner

I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to try working with We’ve sold a lot of product on and the company has been great to work with. I really liked the video they did for our product, too. more...

Rain or Shine Kids (RoSK)

The Difference

In the words of Heather Correa, Founder

Heather Correa has weathered a few storms in life. Starting Rain or Shine Kids was the result of a gale-force tragedy in 2002. At the time, Heather had an 18-month-old daughter and enjoyed spending time outdoors with her toddler. She and her husband, a chef, happily spent time at the park with their budding family. One day, while enjoying a day at the park playground, her husband broke his leg in a freak accident. He snapped both his fibia and tibia above his ankle while also twisting his ankle off the bone. more...

Undercover Mama

A Brand New Company

In the words of Elena Leppard

As a brand new company and concept we owe much of our success to After the initial Undercover Mama feature on, we had a lot of overflow traffic, sales on our website, and even interest from new retailers! When I ask moms how they heard about Undercover Mama, the majority respond, “BabySteals!” If used in moderation and appropriately, there is no better way to grow brand awareness in the mass market than a feature on more...




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