From Our Suppliers

After a limited number of my adult blankets were featured on, I received up to 40 emails a day from potential customers asking me what retail stores in their city also carried my baby blankets. Since I refer every potential customer that contacts me, even with special order blankets, to a local retail store with whom I have a relationship with in their area, it should assist in increasing that store’s traffic and sales.
♥♥♥ Dara Mlinek, CEO and President, Dara and Co.

I own an online store in Canada. I use to help identify the brands and products that are hip and wanted by moms. I add to my store the products that have been available on because of the awareness and demand they create.
♥♥♥Natasha Lam, Owner, So Green Baby, Ontario, Canada

As a small growing company, we look for partners that provide a symbiotic relationship where we are all winning from working together. Rain or Shine Kids (RoSK) has found the perfect partnership with Kristen Romero and her team at

Since 2009 has been working with me to bring RoSKs unique products to their growing customer base, with repeated amounts of crazy success. They understand their customers wants and is not afraid to invest in a company she believes in. At RoSK, we see as a brand builder where we can expose our products to tens of thousands of our target audience. Kristen took the initial chance on my company, and it has been a wonderful relationship ever since. RoSK looks forward to years of success!
♥♥♥Heather Correa, Founder & CEO, Rain or Shine Kids, Seattle, WA

We loved, loved, loved working with StealNetwork! Ever since & featured SnapMe bathing suits our sales and web traffic increased massively. We have tripled our SnapMe fans and our awareness is growing each day. Basically, they have branded us to all the moms that follow them which is awesome! Not to mention that the StealNetwork team was extremely professional and an honest joy to work with! It was such an easy process and I am eager to work with them again next season.
♥♥♥Renee Marrin, Owner, SnapMe Swimwear, New Jersey rocks! Our experience was nothing less than phenomenal. We sold out in under 40 minutes and experienced a flood of additional regular web orders as a direct result. Over the next three days after our Monkey Balm promo ran, we sold direct from our website to 32 different states and two provinces in Canada. We received multiple inquiries from customers, service providers, bloggers and both e-commerce and brick and mortar retailers. We secured a new retail account in the states and are working on two in Canada. Best form of advertising we have done. Thank you,!
♥♥♥Jeremy Jones, Owner & Founder, Balmers, LLC

I simply cannot say enough kind words about the team. Over the past several years, we have worked together on numerous projects including partnering together on a product exclusively created for called the “Jana bag.” Our project was incredibly successful, as all stock was gone within a few hours. I can attribute that entirely to their incredible organization, marketing, preparedness, and follow through; all factors which I believe are the foundation to their continued success. They are easily one of the best companies to work with and I sincerely believe that my brand and company have grown and improved due to our exposure on I feel that with their help, my products have been accessible to more customers due to their amazingly widespread and loyal customer base. They approach each project with enthusiasm, hard work and more importantly are passionate about the items they sell. I can honestly say, as an owner of a company and a mom who shops on their website that I love what they stand for and what they bring to the marketplace!
♥♥♥Jennie Lynn Johanson, The Bumble Collection

From Our Customers

I just wanted to tell you all congratulations with all your new fans! I have been shopping with BS for the past year and have had a wonderful experience with your company. Customer service is exceptional and the mamas I have met on fb have been great. Since I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma it has been nice to be able to reach out and get help from other mamas doing a lot of the same thinks with their kids as I do. Thanks again and I am sure you will continue with success!
♥♥♥ Super fan and klepto, Courtney — you’ve got me so in love with aden + anais that I just visited a local boutique and ended up buying 2 packs of swaddlers at full price! While I was there I also couldn’t resist getting myself the Ju-Ju-Be BePrepared – all that I’ve seen on I actually recognized and knew most of the brands in the store. Thanks for keeping me in touch with such amazing products I never would have heard of otherwise!
♥♥♥ Tamara M, San Antonio, TX

I have been a customer of Zulily for quite some time. With almost every order I have made with them, there has been some problem and with all of them I have waited weeks for the orders to come in. So as you can imagine I was hesitant to make a purchase through another online discount website. Although, I needed a cart cover ASAP and took the leap. I made my purchase on a Monday and received my order on Wednesday. I was blown away. I thank you for your attention to detail, quick service, and the quality of your vendors. I plan to order again with
♥♥♥M. Young, Parker, CO

Once something has been on, why is it that I just HAVE to have it? My local baby store owner totally knows me by name now when I come in to see if he’s got the latest BabySteal!
♥♥♥Melissa H, Phoenix, AZ

Seriously?! You guys rock! We have a neighborhood Halloween event the weekend before Halloween. I ordered a costume from [another deal site] on Sept 19th and it still hasn't even gotten to [the other deal site]. This means it isn't even on it's way to being shipped to me. I paid more for it than you were charging too. I was getting stressed out about getting it in time so when I saw your sale I jumped and bought another costume. They're great for dress up anyway. rocks.
♥♥♥Erica Lewy




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