Top 10 ways and support the juvenile products industry

"I own an online store in Canada. I use to help identify the brands and products that are hip and wanted by moms. I add to my store the products that have been available on because of the awareness and demand they create." Natasha Lam, Owner, So Green Baby, Ontario, Canada

Since opening its virtual doors in 2008,, the first deal-of-the-day website in the juvenile products industry, has grown into a booming business, a community for moms, and a powerful marketing tool for the baby and maternity brands with which it partners. On the heels of its trail-breaking sister, a year later, came on the scene as well to fill similar needs for the moms of and brands for older kids, ages 3-12.

“We set out to do something different, that hadn’t been done before in our industry,” said Jana Francis, president of Steal Network, the parent company of and “Yes, was the first daily deal site in the space, but we have carefully built our business to benefit not only our customers, but the industry as a whole.”

Following are the top ten ways that the Steal Sites support the juvenile products industry:

10) Vested Interest, Big Investment.
In just three and a half years and have invested over $6 million in the industry in the purchase of goods to be sold on the sites.
9) One-at-a-Time Marketing Showcase.
Both sites offer unprecedented marketing exposure to the brands they feature. By marketing the products and brands all by themselves one at a time, and give brands a unique stage on which to showcase themselves in front of more than 250,000 moms anxious to buy.

After a limited number of my adult blankets were featured on, I received up to 40 emails a day from potential customers asking me what retail stores in their city also carried my baby blankets. Since I refer every potential customer that contacts me, even with special order blankets, to a local retail store with whom I have a relationship with in their area, it should assist in increasing that store’s traffic and sales." — Dara Mlinek, CEO and President, Dara and Co.

“Once something has been on, why is it that I just HAVE to have it? My local baby store owner totally knows me by name now when I come in to see if he’s got the latest ‘babysteal’!” — Melissa H, Phoenix, AZ.

8) Limited Inventory Creates Demand.
Given the limited quantity of the inventory and discount, many moms become interested in the featured product even though they miss out on the steal. Because of this, moms visit the manufacturer’s websites or other online stores to purchase or go to their local brick-and-mortar boutique to see it, feel it, try it on, and purchase the one that works for them.
7) Link Back to Brand Central.
The product description on the home page always includes a link back to the vendor’s own website. This encourages better brand knowledge and also provides customers with a means to purchase – whether they scored the steal or not.
6) Good and Lasting Impressions.
The two sites combined get more than 135,000 visits daily. A custom email goes out to 246,000 opt-in moms each day as well. Together, the two sites generate just over 11.5 million page views per month. That translates into a lot of eyes on the prize.
5) Broad Brand Awareness.
The two sites have marketed more than 380 brands to their active and engaged audiences.
4) The Never-Ending Search for What's Hot.
The sites’ buyers are constantly looking for new, high-quality boutique brands to introduce to their appreciative customer base.
3) Bigtime Sales.
The two sites have sold more than 1.45 million items to date. They are huge sales channels for their partner brands.
2) Now Two-a-Day Steals. has been offering two deals per day and recently bumped up to two deals per day, adding another offer to better meet the needs of customers, brands, and the industry as a whole.
1) Fans Get Hooked. and often introduce customers to brands. And conversation on the two sites’ Facebook pages, where a combined total of over 230,000 fans communicate with each other in brand-centric dialogue, only supports affinity to the featured brands. These women are discerning, and they are extremely loyal.

“ you’ve got me so in love with aden + anais that I just visited a local boutique and ended up buying 2 packs of swaddlers at full price! While I was there I also couldn’t resist getting myself the Ju-Ju-Be BePrepared – all that I’ve seen on I actually recognized and knew most of the brands in the store. Thanks for keeping me in touch with such amazing products I never would have heard of otherwise!” — Tamara M, San Antonio, TX

“Steal Network and all of our sites are 100% committed to the juvenile products industry,” said Francis. “We are in business together, and together we will continue to grow, explore new possibility, and support one another for a bright future.”




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