Marketing Benefits
Case Studies

The Difference Between and the Other Guys
Working with is a very different experience than working with any other daily deal site. read more...

Keeping Retailers Happy
The reason I love working with is because it’s a one-day sale! read more...

Power Capes
The Difference
I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to try working with read more...

Rain or Shine Kids (RoSK)
The Difference Heather Correa has weathered a few storms in life. read more...

Undercover Mama
A Brand New Company
As a brand new company and concept we owe much of our success to read more...
  • Promote your products to hundreds of thousands of moms at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. MST/MDT as our exclusive manufacturer in our daily steal.
  • Generate impressive site traffic and enhanced SEO through a direct link to your website on our home page.
  • Own our site for a full 12 hours — even if we sell out. It’s your day!
  • Ensure all inquiries about your product are answered quickly. We’re always present behind the site. We answer emails and questions extremely fast, ensuring our shoppers know everything about your product.
  • Become the trending topic with our active community of moms on Facebook and Twitter – our fans are extremely active and begin talking fervently about the featured steal from the moment it goes live. Their word of mouth is an amazing tool. Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Twitter
Distribution Benefits
  • Move large quantities of products in fewer than 24 hours
  • Stay profitable. Don’t sit on last season’s or discontinued product anymore – we are an ideal channel for moving product that would otherwise sit or move slowly through a website.
  • Protect your brand and your bottom line by letting us handle the marketing, shipping to customers, and troubleshooting for future fans of your products.
  • Ensure your products are in the customer’s hands as soon as possible. We ship orders the same day and very often within an hour of purchase.
  • Free up space in your facility immediately. We commit to and receive your product in advance, which allows us to ship on the same day and create a viral buzz about you with our community of moms.
Manufacturing Benefits
  • Negotiate better rates with your suppliers by leveraging your order volume.
  • Receive direct, prompt, and valuable feedback on your product from moms following your feature — just like your own focus group. Use those responses for future development, new lines, products, etc.








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